Renting a photo studio to build your modeling portfolio

Launching a modeling career is definitely not an easy task – and having a portfolio is a crucial part of the process. No matter if your goal is to sign with a reputable agency or to be a freelancer, a stellar book is the main tool that gets you noticed. Therefore, considering photo studio rental in order to get some fantastic shots that truly showcase your modeling skills can be a long-time investment.

Here’s a list of essentials that could be taken in a professional studio and shouldn’t miss from your fresh-face book:

  1. A headshot/beauty shot

A beauty shot is a classic photograph of the model’s face, clearly showing the facial features. The headshot is pretty similar to the beauty shot, but it can be framed differently, capturing more of the model’s body. Both have the same purpose: to display the models in their most natural state, allowing the agency or clients to see exactly how they look without heavy makeup, styling or jewellery. Therefore, it’s best to keep these and the editing to a minimum. Remember, the goal of this type of picture is to show the model’s features, not the talent of the stylist, makeup artist or retoucher. However, some subtle touch-ups are accepted, as long as they don’t alter your natural self. 

  1. A full-body shot

This photo should show off your body proportions and body type as realistically as possible – this is why the clothing should be limited to a well-fitting pair of jeans and a plain clingy t-shirt. Your surroundings shouldn’t distract the viewer from you, so a studio setting with a monochromatic backdrop is ideal in this situation.

  1. A swimsuit shot

A swimsuit shot is meant to show your body proportions even more clearly than the full-body shot. If your goal is to be a high-fashion model rather than a commercial one, taking inspiration from iconic Vogue shootings poses (and not only can be of great help), as well as the photographer and the assistant you choose to work with. Male models can shoot in boxers/swim trunks.

  1. Editorial shots

The middle of your book is where the fun happens. After adding the essentials, it’s time to put your real skills on view. After all, modeling isn’t all about looks and proportions, it’s about expressiveness as well. Think of the type of model you’d like to be (swimsuit & lingerie, high fashion, fitness, commercial, glamour, nude etc) and adjust your pictures accordingly. The “magic” of shooting in a photo studio with professional photographers is that the only limit is the imagination.

That being said, building a great modeling portfolio is the first game-changing step in your career. If you don’t know where to start, the great news is that at CARA Vision you can find an awesome team of photographers, makeup artists, stylists, as well as a fully-equipped studio and an impressive variety of props – to help you build a first-class portfolio.

Drop us a line anytime and let’s talk about your needs.his.

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